Chapter 612 Qty Pricing

Qty Pricing is a feature you turn on to add quantity price breaks on sales transactions. An Order for 20 units of an item might be regular price while 100 gets a special price.

Qty Pricing is a complete feature set you turn on to enable:
• Qty Pricng tab on the Item card for entering Qty's and their Prices
• Import and Export options for bulk updates to Qty Pricing
• Qty Group for counting a

  Chapter 96 Locking

Big Business protects the data you enter from accidental change by Locking as needed.

This chapter includes basic entries about Locking so you can make informed decisions.

Ultimately, you want reliability of data and to minimize the inconvience of corrections.

  Chapter 611 Price Levels

Big Business lets you have five prices for each item and assign these Price Levels to customers to easily manage retail, wholesale, etc. pricing.

  Chapter 608 Audit Feature

This Chapter describes using the Audit Feature, which saves the date a record was created or modified in regu

  Chapter 607 Other Contacts

Other Contacts lets you access Contacts from Orders by clicking Other in Ship To.

Depending on settings you can:
• Choose an Address to fill into Ship To
• Choose a Contact to use for Shipping Name & Address
• Add or Edit a Contact from within the Order
• Show a Live List of Contacts with Filter to search among hundreds
• Add or Edit from Live List using Contact card to access all informatio

  Chapter 228 BizApp Orders

BizApp Orders will add a new dimension to connected iPad or iPhone solutions by offering new tools such as Barcode Scanning and the ability to work with Orders.

Previous BizApp offerings support Mapping for delivery, Signature for pickup, and Invoice editing anywhere using Products, Email, PDF, and live update of Big Business.

This chapter will document changes for working with Orders and newes

  Chapter 428 Filemaker Go

Many Big Business users rely on FileMaker databases to keep product specifications, to schedule production, and more. But did you know FileMaker builds Apps for iOS?

FileMaker Go runs Apps created for iPhone or iPad. FileMaker Pro creates them. FileMaker Connect lets them connect to your Big Business Server to share data.

  Chapter 413 macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura will be released October 24, 2022.

This chapter will list issues and considerations that come up. (7521)

  Chapter 16 Printing

Big Business has many options for Printing. This chapter will provide a quick overview so you can choose next steps such as:
• using Print Options to choose forms and destinations
• setting up PDF printing, emailing, and archiving
• creating your own custom Forms

Support for Big Business includes Setup. Emailing to is a quick way to find out if what you want to do can

  Chapter 327 Orders Controls

Orders Controls are implemented with the MRP Add-On to let you control workflow.

Big Business shows you order totals for an item, like Allocated for open sales orders, On Order for purchase orders, and Needed for what you might need to buy or build.

MRP shows you order details for an item, like Allocated for each sales order line item, so you can plan which orders can be released to fill now an

  Color Controls

This Chapter will provide information about changes to objects in Big Business as they are updated to work with system color settings such as Dark Mode and changes to settings within Big Business such as Dark Prefs as they are updated to cooperate.

  Chapter 82 Interface Basics

Big Business uses a variety of user interface elements to make the UI fast and easy.

This chapter covers basic techniques for data-entry, selecting from lists, adding to lists, and so on. Learning techniques like using Typeahead effectively will save you time.

Please send any questions or suggestions for changes to

  Chapter 317 Filters

Big Business includes Filters on most lists to find what you're looking for,fast. In fact you can turn off the Find Dialog and rely almost entirely on Filters.

Filters appear above the columns in Lists so you just type in what you want to match
• filter Items to instantly see matches for what your customer wants
• filter Contacts when choosing a Ship-To for a large customer or reseller
• fil

  Chapter 319 Networking ToolKit

Networking ToolKit (NTK) enables advanced networking features for Big Business. It extends built-in functions for communication, encryption, encoding, and data exchange.

This chapter provides information about NTK features to simplify specification of custom functions and troubleshooting for advanced functions relying on NTK. (7449)

  Chapter 408 Apple Optimize

Big Business makes many changes to be optimized for Macs. This Chapter lists changes to help spot problems and benefits so they can be applied in other areas.

If you see a change you like, like new formatting of a window, or dislike, send a quick email to with details and we will respond accordingly.

  Chapter 314 MRP

MRP is shorthand for materials requirements planning. Big Business offers simple planning functions so you can see how your orders may need you to build products, buy components and products, and plan for the arrival of items on purchase orders.

Show Allocated brings up a list of orders, including built items, that need the item you are viewing. In our example, Bike and Bike2 both need BikeWhee

  Chapter 419 Big Business 14

Big Business 14 uses a new Database and is a Universal application that runs natively on new Macs with Apple Silicon and runs natively on Intel processors for Windows.

To start it is identical to Big Business 13 and the two will develop in parallel while Big Business 13 remains the current version and compatible with all systems.

  Chapter 122 Shopify II

Shopify II extends the functionality of Shopify Connect for Big Business.

Options include support for:
• multiple connections
• Default Customer
• Customer Part Numbers

  Chapter 45 Inactive

Inactive lets you hide or prevent the use of entries that are marked Inactive, including:
• Accounts
• Bins
• Contacts
• Customers
• Employees
• Items
• Vendors

This Chapter provides details. (7410)

  Chapter 312 Line Prefs

Big Business provides options for showing Line Numbers on screen for reference.

When this option is turned on, you can click on the Number to see options such as:
• Add Row Above
• Add Row Below
• Move To Row 1

  Chapter 43 Folder Connect

Folder Connect is an add-on to automatically connect to remote folders and check for new files to import. After importing, it can export and send files to another folder.

If you use a service that lets you download files to import, Folder Connect can automate this process. It only takes a phone call to walk through the needed settings, test your desired setup, and go live with auto-connect.


  Chapter 98 My Prefs

My Prefs let you change the look of your Big Business Client and set your preferences for searching, sorting, printing, emailing, and more.