Chapter 32 Pictures

Big Business 14 touts Image Handling as a redefined feature. Its new Database makes numerous changes that help with:
storing files - including large image files
creating thumbnails - to show images fast
emailing attachments - to send images and files with Quotes, Invoices, PO's

This chapter will list changes that are added for saving, showing, and sending pictures.

  Chapter 414 macOS Sonoma

This Chapter collects Solutions regarding macOS Sonoma, testing and developments.

To list chapter contents click the Chapter button on the right margin or at the bottom.

  Chapter 48 Automatic Dates

Automatic Dates are assigned or updated automatically when your Big Business data changes.

This Chapter will list some of these system dates describing when they change, how they are calculated, and how they can be viewed or used to your advantage in planning.

  Chapter 223 Shopify Admin

This chapter covers improvements you might make to get more from Shopify Connect.

The basic function is to bring in Customers and Orders, to save you time and mistakes.
The basic setup makes the connection and has you choose Automatic settings to start.

By customizing the workflow, the data brought in, and the data put back, you can make significant improvements, when ready, to make processing even more seamless.

  Chapter 222 Shopify Setup

Shopify Editions are updates in Shopify billed as creative, productive, and powerful. New versioning enables changes such as using Access Tokens in Summer '23 Edition.

Big Business 14 adds changes to Shopify Connect options to work with old and new. Upgrade Big Business and your existing Private Apps (old) will continue to work as is. Adding new Custom Apps lets you use new options like Admin API Access Tokens.

This Chapter will provide complete instruction for new setup and existing conversion. Old C... (more)

  Shopify Setup (New)

Big Business 14 adds new Shopify Connect options to suppport Shopify Versioning, Access Tokens, and Editions starting with their new Summer '23 Edition.

  Chapter 55 MySQL Access

Big Business lets you access data such as Customer, Items, and Orders, using MySQL. We can connect Shipping for you, or you can get Items for your web store, or send all data to a parent company system like Oracle or for data warehousing. It's up to you.

This chapter provides a quick overview, highlighting recent changes and possible uses. Other chapters detail connecting Shipping or setting up Macs, Windows, using ODBC.

  Chapter 613 MRP Counts

MRP Counts help you track production and material requirements through scheduling.

Set the Ship Date on Orders to allow Big Business to intuit your production schedule. Then, change the Status of orders from Placed to Released to assign inventory to them. Big Business updates MRP Counts to help you track what is Released or still Stocked.

This chapter lists various Warehouse Counts that can be named and calculated for you.

  Chapter 67 Part Numbers

Part Numbers allow you to use alternate part numbers to find or reference your items.

  Alt Codes

Alt Codes lets you set alternate item codes with special commments, counts, or prices.

Typical uses include:
Barcodes like UPCs can point to your items
Catalog Part Numbers you create and publish can point to your real part numbers
Customer Part Numbers can use their Price, their Unit of Measure, their Margin
Variants or Variations you create in online stores can point to your right part numbers
Vendor Part Numbers can point to your part numbers and appear on PO's

  Chapter 113 Quick Start

This Quick Start provides instruction for building a new Data File in the quickest way.

Click through the steps here and then email with questions. Request a call with Support to walk through setup, converting files or logos, and so on.

This chapter provides the information you need to select Accounts, add Customers and Vendors with balances, and add Items with beginning inventory, at the very least.

  Chapter 612 Qty Pricing

Qty Pricing is a feature you turn on to add quantity price breaks on sales transactions. An Order for 20 units of an item might be regular price while 100 gets a special price.

Qty Pricing is a complete feature set you turn on to enable:
• Qty Pricng tab on the Item card for entering Qty's and their Prices
• Import and Export options for bulk updates to Qty Pricing
• Qty Group for counting across grouped items to determine pricing

  Chapter 96 Locking

Big Business protects the data you enter from accidental change by Locking as needed.

This chapter includes basic entries about Locking so you can make informed decisions.

Ultimately, you want reliability of data and to minimize the inconvience of corrections.

  Chapter 611 Price Levels

Big Business lets you have five prices for each item and assign these Price Levels to customers to easily manage retail, wholesale, etc. pricing.

  Chapter 608 Audit Feature

This Chapter describes using the Audit Feature, which saves the date a record was created or modified in regu

  Chapter 607 Other Contacts

Other Contacts lets you access Contacts from Orders by clicking Other in Ship To.

Depending on settings you can:
• Choose an Address to fill into Ship To
• Choose a Contact to use for Shipping Name & Address
• Add or Edit a Contact from within the Order
• Show a Live List of Contacts with Filter to search among hundreds
• Add or Edit from Live List using Contact card to access all information

  Chapter 606 Wix

Wix did not present a Public API and while a custom connection would be possible, turnkey is not practical. Wix Tool and Wix Settings have been removed from Big Business.

  Chapter 228 BizApp Orders

BizApp Orders will add a new dimension to connected iPad or iPhone solutions by offering new tools such as Barcode Scanning and the ability to work with Orders.

Previous BizApp offerings support Mapping for delivery, Signature for pickup, and Invoice editing anywhere using Products, Email, PDF, and live update of Big Business.

This chapter will document changes for working with Orders and newest iPad features.

  Chapter 428 Filemaker Go

Many Big Business users rely on FileMaker databases to keep product specifications, to schedule production, and more. But did you know FileMaker builds Apps for iOS?

FileMaker Go runs Apps created for iPhone or iPad. FileMaker Pro creates them. FileMaker Connect lets them connect to your Big Business Server to share data.

  Chapter 413 macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura will be released October 24, 2022.

This chapter will list issues and considerations that come up. (7521)

  Chapter 16 Printing

Big Business has many options for Printing. This chapter will provide a quick overview so you can choose next steps such as:
• using Print Options to choose forms and destinations
• setting up PDF printing, emailing, and archiving
• creating your own custom Forms

Support for Big Business includes Setup. Emailing to is a quick way to find out if what you want to do can be done. The answer is usually, Yes.

Keep reading for an overview of Print Options, PDF Emailing, and so on. ... (more)

  Chapter 327 Orders Controls

Orders Controls are implemented with the MRP Add-On to let you control workflow.

Big Business shows you order totals for an item, like Allocated for open sales orders, On Order for purchase orders, and Needed for what you might need to buy or build.

MRP shows you order details for an item, like Allocated for each sales order line item, so you can plan which orders can be released to fill now and which should wait. (7516)

  Color Controls

This Chapter will provide information about changes to objects in Big Business as they are updated to work with system color settings such as Dark Mode and changes to settings within Big Business such as Dark Prefs as they are updated to cooperate.