Big Business 14 ushers in major and minor changes.

Here are a few to be aware of so there are no surprises*.

*Surprises are very well branded as a good thing, when everyone knows in their soul that surprise is actually a form of aggression. -Minnie Driver


Contacts are being updated with new Export, Import, and Matching.
This means a process you use for export may need to use new fields.
It means better control of Contacts, their accounting, shipping, and more.

New Chapters

Online Help is being updated with new, smaller chapters.
In Big Business click an information button (i) to open one page.
Click the Chapter button to see 10 pages with 3 paragraphs and 1 picture each.

ReadMe Files

ReadMe files have disappeared from the Mac install and no one seems to miss. ReadMe's are a list of every change—more support tool than required reading, unless you are a total nerd.

Mac Install

BigBusiness 14 now uses disk images for installation on macOS. Open and drag the program icon to the Applications icon.

Spell Check

BigBusiness 14 adds Spell Check. Turn it on in Company Prefs for everyone, or in My Prefs for yourself.
When it appears, some may be taken aback, if a favorite whatchamacallit is now red-underlined.
Hint: right-click and choose Learn.


Shopify is on a spree with changes in Editions and whatnot.
BigBusiness 14 updates Shopify Connect for new connections.
Old connections still work so long as you don't break them.


WooCommerce offers seemingly infinite flexibility, while BigBusiness wants to impose structure.
BigBusiness 14 updates WooCommerce Connect doing more and more to close the Venus and Mars gap.


Build/Bundle is now BOM, bill of materials. Help will still say Kit or Build/Bundle or Components list.
BigBusiness builds Indented BoM's—multi-level Bills of Materials—so the shorthand helps discuss.

Double Click

Drill-down is now the default. Double-click a line item to open (drill down to) the item card. Double-click a blank to add new.
Or, use My Prefs to undo.