Big Business 14 delivers remote workers full features, full security, full sharing, and fully controlled access.

Big Business 14 offers person-to-person live support for remote workers or your IT that need help with setup.

Full Remote

Big Business Client can be run remotely for full access to the features you have in the office.
You just need Big Business 14 Professional Edition for licensing, and a technician or phone call to set your routing.

Remote Security

Big Business 14 includes modern, end-to-end security. Every Client connection is always encrypted.
Double-down with advanced options for Secure Passwords, File Encryption, and IP Configuration–to allow just the homes or offices you want to connect.


Remote Documents

Documents features in Big Business 14 let you attach any document to any transaction. Put your customer's PO with your Order where your warehouse can check it if needed. Save time and paper.

Remote Sleep

New Networking allows client computers to sleep and then instantly resume their connection. So, you can close your laptop for a bit and when you pick it up again your access to Big Business is instantly on.