Big Business is a platform that helps bring together your people, places, and things.

It is not the walled garden of a service or saas offering that hands them off to be assimilated elsewhere. It is a tool you control, one super app if you will, that combines accounting system, application server, document manager, and internet connector—to automate all of the above.


Your creatives use Macs while your bean-counters rely on Windows. Not a problem.

Big Business lets you connect both, easily. You do need to allocate time to each to bring them up to speed, tying in their business email, for example. Once set, they all see the same options to print or email, attach or keep a copy, according to your choices for automation and workflow.


Big Business has skads of options to keep Warehouses, Remote setups, and Connect services.

Big Business is optimized for distributors, with needs like receivables and inventory, who enjoy economies of scale by bringing people and things together, and who need to automate sales, marketing, inventory, and finance.