At its heart, Big Business is a Database.
For connectivity it leverages other databases.


Big Business Database

Big Business uses a built-in, commercial Database. Compiled for Macs and Windows PC's, it is fast and secure, giving you power and room to grow.

Big Business stores all your data—accounting, transactions, and documents—protected by locking, access you control, and built-in backup.

Big Business connects to services, lets you export and email, and exchanges data with your databases. You choose the data to share, and where.

MySQL Middleware & Shipping

Big Business lets you use MySQL to host data being shared with shipping systems, or keeping your web store or other systems up to the minute.

Big Business Professional includes remote setup, installing MySQL, turning on data replication, and configuring UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager.

Use your favorite MySQL tool or stack to get data out to your web store, up to your corporate owner, or into your business intelligence or automation.



Postgres Data Warehousing

Postgres, or PostgreSQL, is the The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database and perfect for archiving or warehousing your data.

Big Business easily manages hundreds of thousands of attached files in the Docs tool, but you may want to bulk warehouse for optimization.

Or you may have a need for massive data scalability, Postgres cloud services from Azure or Amazon, or to feed data to your own project.

Big Business Postgres Connect lets you connect.

iPhone & iPad

Big Business offers custom iPhone and iPad solutions built for FileMaker Go for iOS.

iPhones or iPads connect to your Big Business Server using its built-in Web Server for mobile.

You choose the content to support fast and easy data-entry of Invoices, Orders, or Inventory.



FileMaker Server

Many Big Business users rely on FileMaker Server for order processing or production management they can customize in every detail.

Data exchange is easy with Imports and Exports. Custom connections can be made with Auto-Import, Folder Connect, MySQL Middleware,...

FileMaker can also be readily scripted to connect to the Web Server available in Big Business for instant lookups, postings, and notifications.

FileMaker Pro is the database used to build custom apps for iPhone and iPad, below...