Server Software

BigBusiness is application software you run to connect your computers, your people, and services, to manage your sales, inventory, and finance, and to automate, coordinate, and grow your business.


Business Application Server

Put Big Business Server on a computer in your office or in the cloud. Help running is covered by unlimited setup support.

Put Big Business Client on computers you want connected, that is, all your Macs and Windows PCs at your offices, warehouses, and homes.

Give each person access to the tools they need, setting safe limits and allowing them to share data seamlessly and documents selectively.

Business Database

Big Business collects all your transactions and documents for safekeeping, and automating your accounting and inventory.

Find a customer PO attached to their Order. Find their invoices, tracking, and payments. See your receivables, send statements, and much more.

See your inventory real time all the time. See shortages coming and plan your purchasing and production.



Live Inventory

Big Business keeps your inventory current, automatically, so you can see what's committed and needed.

Connecting your sales—by salespeople, by ecommerce, by other channels— keeps it real time.

You may then choose to update channels automatically with inventory and pricing as they change in Big Business.