Big News

Big changes in the software and its environs.

October 1, 2023


Big Business returns to higher pricing, about 10% more, to cover commercial components used, just as you would see pursuing a solution in-house.

In recompense, Big Business will deliver more options for return-on-investment, nth-level automation, and aggressive passive improvements like Free MRP.

Big Business 14 is a terrific leap forward, adding modern modularity to all-in-one design. Big Business is one product that adapts to your many individual needs.

The point is to tie together many disparate sources of data and derive true real-time results for accounting, inventory, sales, and purchasing at a discrete known cost.

September 19, 2023

Updated for macOS Sonoma

Big Business 14 is updated for macOS Sonoma, due on the 26th. Please update Server and Clients.

Updates are posted once or twice a week and normally can be ignored until appealing. Then, you can update only the Server software. However, for this step you must update Clients as well.

Big Business 13 is no longer updated and is not supported on macOS Sonoma.

Upgrading is easy, when needed, and simply requires all computers be on current systems, which means macOS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur.


September 1, 2023


Big Business 14 is adding features to save and show thumbnail pictures on Item cards, first, and in other places, asap.

Thumb Images will be automatically created for fast display of pictures added in Upload for eccommerce or Docs for attaching and emailing.

Thumb Image on the Item card will accept Paste or Drag & Drop to automatically save any full-quality image or original file and automatically create the thumbnail for display.

August 19, 2023

Unwavering Upgradability

Over the years, Big Business has gotten better and better at upgrades, doing more internal conversion, keeping all your options, updating all your forms, at the speed of your new computer, and as simple as install, start, and open your Data File.

Big Business 14 is all new with modern architecture and native support for new processors and modes, but keeps classic ease of use, compact or zoomed windows, and still converts your data from any previous version in just a few minutes.

The core of Big Business is a commercial database, built-in for less than it sells separately, along with plugins for connecting, sharing, emailing–all upgraded, installed, and set up with just a few clicks.


July 28, 2023

Shopify Editions

Shopify aims to add more features, more quickly. This is helped along by scheduled iterations to store and connection, with changes to store rolled into an Edition, like their "Summer '23 Edition."

API Versioning means a connection, such as using Big Business Shopify Connect, can specify a version to plan updates or use a new change like "poNumber."

Big Business 14 updates Shopify Connect to support new changes in Shopify and support old settings, too. This makes for a seamless upgrade. New stores use new connections, covered in new Setup, and options for multiple connections support multiple stores and coordinated transitions.

July 17, 2023

Automated Planning

Big Business 14 has added deeply customized options for Materials Requirement Planning (MRP).

It is now time to road test these features for general use, with or without Warehouses, with or without Builds, for your setup.

If you need automated planning to help with purchasing, building, and delivering on time, look no further.

Automated Planning is putting your orders in order by ship date, adding planned builds if needed, and calculating the schedule that informs your decisions to buy, to expedite, to build, and to ship on time.


June 19, 2023

Double Click

Double Click to Add is a new feature that leverages new system integration in the newest Database. Really an old feature, hand-coded in places, it is now available automagically in many more places.
Give your suggestions where.

Double-click to Drill Down is also added throughout. This lets you double-click on a line item and go to the Item, just as if you clicked once to select the line item and then clicked the GoTo button. Double-click to drill down is more versatile, though, as it works on locked records, too.

Some cannot handle this newfound power, or cannot break the habit. Not a problem, as Double-Click Prefs let you set your Company Prefs for all users or My Prefs for just youself, with the option to Select instead of Drill Down. Then, double-clicking reverts to selecting a word and triple-click selects a blurb. FYI, you can single-click on a Date or Number and it is automatically selected but not so with many web apps, hence the habit.