Big News

Big changes in the software and its environs.

February 7, 2024

Version Numbers

Version Numbers in Big Business 14 will take a new, surprising turn with 14.100 following 14.99.

If successful, this will be the envy of gas stations everywhere—much to mathematicians' dismay.

Engineering calls this dot notation, citing macOS 10.9 being followed by 10.10 for precedent.

Some call this lunacy, others call it innumeracy; we just call it like we say it, "fourteen, one hundred." That's 100 updates to Big Business 14.

January 27, 2024

Custom Connect

Big Business is always happy to connect to any Saas, web app, or online offering you choose.

This is how we got 4 ecommerce, 3 sales tax, and 2 of many other connection types.

Is there a favorite you might like to connect?
 •   CRM  •   Mail  •   Shipping  • 

We are updating and adding connections in 2024.


December 27, 2023

Do More

Rollout of Big Business 14—native for M1, M2, M3—has gone beautifully. Replacing most screens now seems seamless. Dark Mode is no longer a fright.

In the fullness of time, all windows must have rounded corners. We know, we know.

2024, though, will present a year-long opportunity. Add more function to the form. Remove more friction from the chore. Moreover, simply, do more.

November 27, 2023

E‑Commerce Updates

Big Business is happy to connect to any E‑Commerce system you choose.

Choosing is the hard part—finding your mix of price, power, and style.

Big Business makes 4 options fast and easy, and your new option immediately.

Each is being updated to be faster, easier, and fully flexible for tomorrow.


October 29, 2023

All Current

Tomorrow, Apple will ship a new, new chip, which is scary fast, and needs new macOS Sonoma.

Soon after, Windows 11 will deliver its 2023 Update to put Copilot to work on your Desktop.

Big Business 14 works on all current systems, is native for all chips, and is updated for updates.

Earlier versions are not supported on new systems but supported on their current supported systems.

October 12, 2023

Clean Up

Clean up is needed as two is too many ways changes get documented, actuated, and supported.

AppleCare has just ended on the last of the Xeon Pro Macs and the M2 is now de rigueur.

Windows 11 is finding its footing and Window 10 is getting faded.

What's needed, then, is culling of inactive, superseded content here and there.


October 1, 2023


Big Business returns to higher pricing, about 10% more, to cover commercial components used, just as you would see pursuing a solution in-house.

In recompense, Big Business will deliver more options for return-on-investment, nth-level automation, and aggressive passive improvements like Free MRP.

Big Business 14 is a terrific leap forward, adding modern modularity to all-in-one design. Big Business is one product that adapts to your many individual needs.

The point is to tie together many disparate sources of data and derive true real-time results for accounting, inventory, sales, and purchasing at a discrete known cost.