Connect is an option for Big Business ERP to connect to your WooCommerce API and get Customers and Orders ASAP.



WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress— incredibly popular and open-source. Having spent sufficient time jazzing up your WordPress web site, drop in WooCommerce to make sales on your behalf.

Sounds super-simple and really is not too hard. Consider that with your gorgeous web site and low costs, you will soon be getting customers and orders in droves.

What to do?

WooCommerce API

An API is a way for one program to talk to another. Big Business is pretty garrulous and will talk to anything with an open API.

WooCommerce API is able to do most everything Woo can do, and Big Business is pre-configured to get Customers and Orders, perfectly and instantly.

Big Business connects the Macs and Windows PC's that run your business, so everyone can see these new Customers and Orders, ASAP.

Problem solved.  Pretty much...



WooCommerce Connecting

Your web store is always-on and accessible, so Big Business reaches out when you want a batch of Customers and Orders or, using Auto-Connect, keeps you up-to-the-minute.

To set this up, you go into your WordPress Dashboard to WooCommerce Settings and get yourself an API Key that you copy and paste into Big Business.

Choose Automatic and your stars align.

WooCommerce Mapping

Big Business finds customers by Email Address—on Customers, or in Contacts for large customers. Easy-Peasy.

Big Business finds Items by Item Code which you put into SKU in WooCommerce for accuracy.

If you do need to adjust, bring up the Mapping and have at. Comments, Payments, Prices — all there.

What more could you want?



WooCommerce Expansion

If you do think of something, even far-fetched, connecting more stores, updating more automatically, Big Business can help.

There is no end to the utility of WooCommerce or the customizability of WordPress. Just ask your developer.

Likewise, Big Business can lever up its connection, at your behest, to do anything WooCommerce API might allow. This may cost dearly but multiply ROI.

Start with turnkey WooCommerce Connect and see.