Problem Detected by BB Tools

[Tools is no longer a separate application and is instead built into Big Business]

If you encounter a warning in BB Tools (pictured) that there is a problem with your data, the best course of action is to choose Do Nothing, then proceed with a Recover By Tags, as described in the BB Tools ReadMe and Help files. (5920)

  Chapter 404 Not Found

Not Found refers to features no longer found in Big Business. For continuity, we don't usually delete Solutions and instead keep for reference. Plus, we like the old pictures.

Features in this Chapter are not found in Big Business any longer.

  Mac Clients Update Automatically

[Clients update themselves transparently, so this dialog is not found in new versions.]

Big Business 7.1.1 updates the database, so updating Server requires updating Clients, too. Mac Clients using a Mac Server can update themselves by clicking Update on the dialog that says "the version number of the server application is more recent than the version number of the client application. (6198)