Listbox Display

Big Business 9.2 includes a couple of ListBoxes for testing. One is on the Customer History. Another is Filed Notes, where new Notes from the system or other users are listed. (6448)

  Listbox Listings

Big Business 13.42 updates Listings to use Listboxes, including Account Listing, Advanced Print Options, Auto Update Listing, Bank Listing, Bin Listing, Category Listing, Currencies Listing, Customer Terms Listing, Ecwid Listing, Employee Listing, Folder Listing, From Listing, Inventory Categories, Item Type Listing, Open Notify Listing, Other Charges Listing, Payables Categories, Print Options, R

  Listbox Windows

Big Business 13.44 starts changes to windows like Deposit to use modern Listboxes. This will add new options, like moveable columns, but should preserve useability and control you expect. Email if you find anything amiss.

  Listbox Dialogs

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