Open Notify

Open Notify is an automated messaging system. Start with a simple change, like Change of Address (COA) on a Customer card. Depending on setup, this might notify your Open Orders to use the new address. And it might notify the Salesperson to follow up.

  Order Open

Open is a new status set by the system to enable Open Notify to automate messaging. When sending updates about changes to Orders, Open includes any orders that are Placed, Partial, or Filled, and automatically excludes orders that are On Hold or Closed. By closing orders, in batches or automatically, you can focus on just the Open ones.

  Chapter 303 Open Notify

Open Notify is a new toolset to generate automatic notifications that make changes, alert users, and post notifications.

This chapter documents changes and additions as they are made.

  Open Notify Registering

Open Notify is a new toolset which requires registering. It may be free with your Edition, but we need to know you are turning it on so we can provice appropriate support and ensure there are not conflicts with your other add-ons or customizations.

Contact for a code. You will receive an email with a Registration code and setup instructions. Note that you need to rest