Read-Only Access for Searches

Big Business 5.1.0 adds the option to give employees, such as customer service personnel, read-only access to QuickSearch results. With this option, an Employee with access to the QuickSearch but not the related tool can open and view results in read only mode.

This Solution describes this option. (5980)

Big Business now includes the option to give Read-Only access to Employees who need to search and view records, but not create or modify them.

To Enable this option:
1. Open the Employee Prefs
2. Click the checkbox, Read-Only Access to Searches
3. Save the Employee Prefs

To disable this option, uncheck the checkbox.

To use this option, assign an Employee access to a QuickSearch tool, such as Customer QuickSearch, but remove access to the regular tool, Customer Card. With the Read-Only Access to Searches option enabled, the Employee will be able to use open Customer Cards and view them in Read-Only mode, but will not be able to create or modify Customer Cards.