Bill of Materials

Big Business 14 handles Bill of Materials, simply and seamlessly, across all levels. Buy, Build, Bundle, exactly as planned.

Select which features you need for your kits, components, subassemblies to allocate, auto-build, and assemble.

Full Coverage

The basic information for Items includes Codes to help identify the item and Qtys that tell how many you have and need.
If you buy materials that you build into sellable items, enter these Components, and Big Business will keep track.

BOM Components

Enter the Qtys needed of each material to build your sellable items or to build shared components or subassemblies.
Click BOM to choose Items and set Qty's. Use options like To Build, Show Boxes, or Import.

BOM Allocated

Click Allocate Builds to let Big Business allocate ordered items, and any components needed to build them.
Click Planned Builds to let Big Business allocate components and components' components you will be building.

BOM Needed

Allocated Qty's inform Needed Qty's. Needed Qty's show you what you need to buy for all levels of all BOM's.
BOM's are a core feature in every Edition and extend in to higher Edition's features like Warehouses or MRP Planning.