Big Business Plan

A new Database enables new development with new power.
New computers can add blazing speed at lower cost to your mix.
Keep perpetual development with timeless guidance.


Full Speed

Big Business is now Universal for two chip sets (Apple and Intel).
Big Business can be more optimized for more cores per chip.
Keep Jettison baggage, rocket into future.

Full Service

Support includes unlimited Setup help, solving your IT crunch.
Setup can be building Data Files, automating Backups, and more.
Keep helping grow, adding new solutions, too.

Full Power

Big Business enters in real-time, for instant inventory and accounting.
Big Business can add more statuses for more planning and control.
Keep the flow, add Planned, Released, and more.

Full Featured

Big Business is full of features, each selected by someone like you.
Where they overlap, each can be an option you choose.
Keep all choices, at the ready, at all times.

Full Documentation

Changes are presented as options, which you can choose as needed.
All changes can be included in online Help and the ReadMe.
Add more Help entries, with more fewer words.

Full Color

On Mac, Dark Mode is automatic now, and in Big Business, too.
On Windows, on gray with blue or separate, white, floating.
Keep it matchy and modern, but red for locked dates.

Full Moon

Big Business shoots the moon mixing simple and powerful.
Add Columns, Fast Filter, Show Allocated, and more.
Keep adding fields, access, processing.

Full Parity

Parity makes it easy to do new tasks with known tools.
Big Business works (mostly) the same on Mac and on Windows.
Big Business works (mostly) the same with Vendors and Customers.
Keep the parallels, the parity, the progress.


Full Visibility

Set Company options for all or User options for each.
Search Employees to see and Update settings.
Keep growing options, access, and controls.

Full Timing

Big Business has Lock Dates, Ship Dates, Due Dates.
More results that are cumulative could be timed.
Keep perpetual results and add timed and planned.

Full Focus

Big Business give you Icon Sets and Font choices to personalize.
More tweaks for contrast and content could help.
Keep classic options and add more than a few new.