Big Business 13 (2021)

  macOS Big Sur
  macOS Monterey
  Windows 11

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Chapter 58 Thirteen

Big Business 13 puts Users First. You like your computer and your apps, your way. Big Business 13 aims to support your choice of apps, of services, of computers.

Whether your C-suite needs new MacBooks with M1 chips, or your rainmakers need Instant On to make rain quick, or you need to find package tracking, new web orders, or saved documents, it's in there. Big Business puts your business at your finger tips.

You don't need a meeting to secure and share and coordinate. Big Business 13 works on your computer, securely. It shares your attachments, and your results, seamlessly. It coordinates, with your colleagues, with your counterparts, simply.

Send with your favorite email app, automagically. Sell with your popular web store, touchlessly. Crunch with your standard spreadsheet. Capture an online exchange. Run your whole company with just one program.

new Database

More security. More compatibility.

new Apps

New Clients for new Macs and PC's.

new Power

Instant On on new instant-on computers

new Encryption

Add data-level encryption.

new Notifications

Find out soonest.

new Stores

Separate and combine.