Big Business 11.29 is being posted.

Edge Beta supports Dark and you can see the cube below.

If you use macOS Dark Mode, you already see the cube.

You just need to wait for the next Big Business.

Foresight 2020

We predict Support renewal pri¢ing will drop 20% due to efficiencies. Product pricing—same for 20 years—will likely persist. Subscriptions may debut at 1/20th. And 2020 may see one version for all systems.

Oh, and a new product tier for multiple options, combined createively.

October, again

Big Business 11.28 is posted and will be kept current for some time.
Big Business 12.8 is posted. We are having some power outages, causing some delays, but still taking care of business.

Two Versions

It is the best of times.  Big Business 11 is our most capable version ever.
It is the worst of times.  MacOS Catalina does not let it run.

Big Business 12 is ready for newer times, with the best improvements.
Give it your worst—attach larger documents, connect faster ordering, offer deeper catalogs, build longer histories— and it is unfazed.

To cover the now available OS's, the two versions will be kept current, one for today's computers, one for tomorrow's. It is a cinch to switch, and free if you purchased recently, so you can upgrade when ready.

All Rise

Trial is a new button on BigCommerce Registration that lets you start. And stop. And start again later. Because that's how it goes. Often. Sporadical Trial is a radical concept allowing you to try again soon.


Big Business 11.27 is posted and will be kept current for some time.
macOS Catalina is now available, needing Big Business 12 – a new version with new optimization. Big Business 11 is not compatible.