Big Business is ERP that changes the way you keep your data, and helps change your processes.

Start with Big Business as a stepping stone—like handling orders while using QuickBooks.

Manage receivables in more depth—credit-checking orders, with group limits, or max days.

Track inventory in more detail, in more places, across BOM's, for kits, and see what you need.

Keep your systems you like and connect them to automate, error-free and keep your data around.

The point of Big Business is to collect and protect the data you need—to sell products and keep your accounting and inventory current, automatically.

Connect every aspect of your business to relate its data. Benefits are tremendous. The address sent to shipping can be what the customer entered online.

Moreover, use live data for calculations. What you see in inventory is what you bought, minus what you just sold, including all you built or broke into units.

In real time, accounting is created according to the presets you select, so your Profit and Loss reflects the comparisons you need to see profitability.

This is done with a Database that relates this data and keeps it instantly accessible, for reporting, for editing, and for entering and fulfilling new orders.

Minimize entries. Choose options so salespeople may enter item, quantity, and get their price. Results will show automatically, what to buy, to build, to ship.