Automate sales, focus marketing, control inventory, and simplify accounting— with Big Business, you can run your whole company with just one program.


Big Business 11.34 is being posted.
Big Business 12.13 is being posted.

Test our Mac Mini in Las Vegas.

"There is also something magical about solving a problem that you care about. The reward is internal."

Jim McKelvey, cofounder of Square


Big Business uses Ports 19812-19814.
Test Builds for Big Business 11 here.
Test Builds for Big Business 12 here.
Big Business 11.33 is being posted.
Big Business 12.12 is being posted.

"Time is Relative"

Albert Einstein, Patent Clerk

Tell us your volumninous, your tedious, your wretched tasks, and we will automate. Newly new are better TaxJar Reports, Unit of Measure Subtotals, Profit and Loss by Department,...


Big Business 12.11 is being posted.
Big Business 11.32 is being posted.

"Accounting is problem-solving."

Phil Knight, Shoe Dog

"Assets equal liabilities plus equity...and most problems boil down to some imbalance in this equation."

Real-time accounting helps you track, measure, balance.


Big Business 12.10 is being posted.
Big Business 11.31 is being posted.

Microsoft ends updates for Windows 7.

Optimized Compatibility

Optimized means optimized and includes the smallest details, like graphics in old formats, being modernized.

Compatible means compatible in the biggest way though. You do not need to update older computers, needlessly.

Big Business 12 is ready to support any mix of systems— any PC's, with any Macs, any Windows, with any macOS.