Big Business 14 is updated.

Install, start, run, grow—on the newest computers.

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September Updates include a new Database for macOS Sonoma. Please update Server and Clients.

Let's Build

Big Business needs people trying new features, asap. Our best innovations are your front line requests, ideas, and findings.

We will be making more options real-time, delivering changes you can try sooner, and work them into your flow. This will include new Demo Files.

macOS Sonoma

Big Business 14 is supported on macOS Sonoma. Earlier versions of Big Business are not supported.

Upgrade to macOS Sonoma after you have updated to the latest Big Business Client, for a seamless experience.


Big Business helps your people by having 3 levels of preferences: ours, yours, theirs.

Ours are System Defaults—effortless
Yours are Company Prefs—you help them
Theirs are My Prefs—they help themselves

Periodically we update System Defaults. Your people retain their productivity, seamlessly.