Automate sales, focus marketing, control inventory, and simplify accounting— with Big Business, you can run your whole company with just one program.

Results, Oriented

We appreciate the time you are spending.

We respect the investment you are making.

We are intent on delivering results you need.

New Year

Among many changes for 2021, one standout will be new Mac processors. Microsoft will undoubtedly follow asap.

In November we got the fastest Intel desktop and for one-fifth the price the new Apple Silicon laptop. And it's faster.


Big Business adds features as requested. Some flourish. Some flounder.

Note Checking is being recycled. It is not compatible with most energy-saving settings, so it is off by default now.

Big Help

Big Business now comes with 1500 pages of Help, which you can always skip with a quick email.
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Welcome to Big Business Thirteen!

Expected in 2021, this surprise is owing to Apple's new machines being delightful and going like blazes. Big Business Thirteen is ready now. If you recently settled into Twelve and want to get in the spirit, let us know, let us know, let us know.

New Macs are here and they are faster with Apple Silicon. They run macOS Big Sur and Big Business 13 only.


new Macs coming
new macOS Big Sur
new Big Business to test