Automate sales, focus marketing, control inventory, and simplify accounting— with Big Business, you can run your whole company with just one program.


Big Business 12 is ready for
macOS Big Sur

What's not a unicorn but has inane growth?
The rest of Tech. Apparently.

Email is professional, but it is also personal. Have it your way.


Big Business 12.21 is being re-posted
after a fix for batch emailing.

WooCommerce Connect will be the first module to tie into Stores, which adds new features to automate fulfillment.

Late July

Big Business 12.20 is being posted.

Person Connect

new options for connecting you,
making your experience more me,
helping your team be more we.


We are testing macOS 11

Going Swimmingly

New options for Stores and Cash Drawers help you be in more places, become more automated, and get better results, faster.


Big Business 12.19 is being posted.

"the value of a system grows as approximately the square of the number of users."

robert metcalfe
co-inventor of ethernet


Big Business 12.18 is being posted.

"when you build something...the greatest value is actually seeing someone else use it."

jack dorsey