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Jimi's Birthday

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"inotherwords we're cookin' right?"
-Jimi Hendrix

Welcome to Big Business Thirteen!

Expected in 2021, this surprise is owing to Apple's new machines being delightful and going like blazes. Big Business Thirteen is ready now. If you recently settled into Twelve and want to get in the spirit, let us know, let us know, let us know.

New Macs are here and they are faster with Apple Silicon. They run macOS Big Sur and Big Business 13 only.


new Macs coming
new macOS Big Sur
new Big Business to test

MacOS Big Sur is expected November 10 and is NOT compatible with any version of Big Business until Big Business 13 is ready.

20 fast and fabulous changes.


More connections to test:
Ecwid E-commerce

Since March, we did not send Support renewals unless you contacted us, giving you one less thing to worry about.

You are still covered and can still renew, anytime. We will send details by yearend.

The latest Beta of Big Sur, which Apple posted September 29th, breaks the latest Big Business 12, posted September 21.


Big Business 12 is ready
not ready for macOS Big Sur