Chapter 16 Printing

Big Business has many options for Printing. This chapter will provide a quick overview so you can choose next steps such as:
• using Print Options to choose forms and destinations
• setting up PDF printing, emailing, and archiving
• creating your own custom Forms

Support for Big Business includes Setup. Emailing to is a quick way to find out if what you want to do can

  Dynamic Windows

Big Business 14 will fix Dynamic Windows with misalignments and incorrect colors.

These do not affect workability and may not be fixed until 2023 when there is a Database update.

  Chapter 413 macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura will be released October 24, 2022.

This chapter will list issues and considerations that come up. (7521)

  Ventura Sleeping

We have seen a few instances in macOS Ventura where networking for Big Business does not resume as it should after the computer was Sleeping.

We expect a fix in Big Business 14 for 2023.

To turn off Sleep, go to System Preferences, Displays, click Advanced, and choose the last option for Prevent Automatic Sleeping.

  Settings Errors

Big Business 14 is more strict and the Settings for eCommerce can show errors when opening, such as the pictured Array error.

This error from WooCommerce Settings is fixed in Big Business 13.57 and 14.16.

  Ventura Volumes

There are reported errors for Big Business 14 using Network Drives when running on macOS Ventura.

We expect a fix in Big Business 14 for 2023.

  Ventura Printing

There are reported errors for printing on macOS Ventura. We did not find a problem so assume this is setup specific.

We expect a fix in an update to macOS Ventura.