Chapter 16 Printing

Big Business has many options for Printing. This chapter will provide a quick overview so you can choose next steps such as:
• using Print Options to choose forms and destinations
• setting up PDF printing, emailing, and archiving
• creating your own custom Forms

Support for Big Business includes Setup. Emailing to is a quick way to find out if what you want to do can be done. The answer is usually, Yes.

Keep reading for an overview of Print Options, PDF Emailing, and so on. A small investment of time can pay huge dividends by optimizing your workflow with settings for preselected forms and destinations, automatic emailing and archiving, and more.

  Hide Forms

Big Business includes many Forms for printing. Using Advanced Print Options you can Hide Forms, like those that use Preprinted instead of blank paper. You can also hold the Shift key when printing to show all forms temporarily. (5924)

The Advanced Print Options window adds columns and pulldown menus for Destinations and Settings.

To Enable Advanced Print Options:
1. Sign-In to Big Business as the User you want to enable
2. From the Notes toolbar, select the Notes Prefs
3. Under Print Options select Advanced

To Hide a form, use the pulldown in the Settings column of the Advanced Print Options to select, Hide. When the Advanced Print Options window displays again, those forms marked with Hide will not appear.

To Hide the form from all users of Advanced Print Options, all the time, make your changes in the Printing Defaults, such as the Invoice Printing Defaults found in the Customer Preferences. These are the default settings loaded by all users at startup. If one user hides a form while printing, not in the defaults, the change will only last until the user signs out. When the user signs in again, the defaults are used.

To display the otherwise hidden forms, hold down the Shift key when Saving or Printing. If the Shift key is down when the Advanced Print Options display, all forms including those marked, Hide, will be displayed. In the Printing Defaults all forms display regardless, so the Shift key is only necessary when you are printing and need to select a form which has been hidden.

To remove the Hide setting from a form, use the Settings pulldown to select, Show.

  Print Preview

Big Business 3.0 includes an improved Print Preview for better on screen viewing of printjobs and Reports. This Solution provides a brief description of the tools on the new Print Preview. (3604)

Big Business Print Preview Features:

• Resize the Preview window by dragging the lower right corner. You can now resize the Preview to as large as your screen will permit.

• Five buttons for controlling the Preview window:
1. Print - click to go ahead and print the previewed printjob.
2. Stop - click to cancel the Preview and cancel printing.
3. Previous - click to go back to a previous page of the Preview.
4. Next - click to go forward to the next page of the Preview.
5. Zoom - click to toggle between full page and zoom mode.

To access Print Preview:

-From the Print Options list (used by transactions), select the Print Preview checkbox before printing.

-From a Print Dialogue, select Preview on Screen. This option may be hidden on a Big Business-specific page of the Print Dialogue.

  To Print

Big Business automatically prints transactions as they are saved and allows you to choose to send them to a specific printer, email, or save a PDF.

This Solution provide instructions to print an entry. (3066)

To print in Big Business:

1. Click the Print button in the window you want to print.

2. In the Print Options dialog box, choose the options you want, then click the OK

Big Business begins printing. If you clicked the Print Preview button, a Preview window appears instead. If you clicked the Notify Before Each Job checkbox, a confirmation dialog box appears before each item prints. You can choose to cancel, print, or open the Print Setup dialog box.

  Printing Defaults

Big Business lets you set printing defaults for Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices. The preferences you set appear in the Print Options dialog box that appears when you print. (3079)

To set printing defaults:

1. In the Customer Preferences window, click the Quote, Sales order, or Invoice Printing Defaults button.

2. In the Print Options dialog box, enter the options you want to use by default, then click the OK button.

  Show Print Dialogs

To save time, Big Business lets you skip the Page Setup and Print dialogs. This allows for automatic printing of transactions and batch printing of numerous transactions.

To access the Page Setup or Print dialog, you can choose Show Print Dialogs. (3035)

To access the Page Setup and Print Dialog when printing:

1. Select the Show Print Dialogs checkbox.

2. Select the forms to print .

3. Click the OK button.

  Print Options

Printing (6377)

Many Big Business windows can be printed for reference or presentation to customers
or vendors. All windows use standard printing techniques.

When you click the Print button in a window, you see standard Page Setup and Print dialog boxes. You use these dialog boxes to make choices about paper size and orientation, which pages to print, and other options that depend on the printer that's currently selected. See the documentation that came with your computer and printer for information about using these dialog boxes.

You can set some transaction windows, such as invoices or bills, to print automatically when you save them. See "Setting Customer Preferences" in Chapter 3 and "Setting Vendor Preferences" in Chapter 4 for more information.

In some cases, Big Business gives you options about what information to print. For example, if you click the Print button in a Customer Card, a dialog box asks if you want to print the basic customer information, the customer history, or an envelope for this customer.

Printing checks works differently from other printing operations. See ?Printing Checks? in Chapter 4 for instructions.

  To Print

To Print (6378)

To print:
1. Click the Print button in the window you want to print.
2. If a Print Options dialog box appears, choose the type of information you want to print, then click the button.
Big Business displays a standard Page Setup dialog box for your printer.
3. If desired, change the page setup options, then click OK.
Big Business displays the Print dialog box for your printer.
4. If you'd like to see a preview, click the Preview on screen checkbox.
5. If desired, change other printer settings.
6. Click Print.
Big Business begins printing. If you clicked the Preview on screen checkbox, a preview window appears instead. See the next section, "Using Print Preview."

  Using Print Preview

Using Print Preview (6379)

You can preview a window before it's printed. The preview reflects all the options
that you have chosen in the Page Setup and Print dialog boxes.

If you'd like to inspect an area more closely, you can zoom in. Drag the dotted rectangle in the window over the area you want to see, then click the Zoom button. Click anywhere in the window to zoom out.

To use print preview:
1. Click the Preview on screen checkbox in the Print dialog box, then click Print.
Big Business displays a preview window.
2. Click the Print button to print or the Stop Printing button to close the preview window and stop the printing process.