Chapter 16 Printing

Big Business has many options for Printing. This chapter will provide a quick overview so you can choose next steps such as:
• using Print Options to choose forms and destinations
• setting up PDF printing, emailing, and archiving
• creating your own custom Forms

Support for Big Business includes Setup. Emailing to is a quick way to find out if what you want to do can

  Hide Forms

Big Business includes many Forms for printing. Using Advanced Print Options you can Hide Forms, like those that use Preprinted instead of blank paper. You can also hold the Shift key when printing to show all forms temporarily. (5924)

  Print Preview

Big Business 3.0 includes an improved Print Preview for better on screen viewing of printjobs and Reports. This Solution provides a brief description of the tools on the new Print Preview. (3604)

  To Print

Big Business automatically prints transactions as they are saved and allows you to choose to send them to a specific printer, email, or save a PDF.

This Solution provide instructions to print an entry. (3066)

  Printing Defaults

Big Business lets you set printing defaults for Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices. The preferences you set appear in the Print Options dialog box that appears when you print. (3079)

  Show Print Dialogs

To save time, Big Business lets you skip the Page Setup and Print dialogs. This allows for automatic printing of transactions and batch printing of numerous transactions.

To access the Page Setup or Print dialog, you can choose Show Print Dialogs. (3035)

  Print Options

Printing (6377)

  To Print

To Print (6378)

  Using Print Preview

Using Print Preview (6379)