Classic Icons

The Classic Icons hand-drawn by Dave during original coding were absent for a minute.

  BigCommerce Update

Big Business 14 fixes BigCommerce Connect for Upload gets blank BigCommerce ID.

  Finance Charges Update

Big Business 14 updates the Finance Charge tool to use Listbox for moveable columns.


Big Business 14.63 makes slight changes to improve aesthetics for your enjoyment.

Some objects such as the Show dropdown have been moved slightly. Some labels such as Tax have been fixed from adapting the wrong color.

  Barcodes Fixes

Big Business 14.62 updates Barcode printing with plugin update using generic settings.

The pictured error, Zint_Encode at line number 9, occurs on a Mac printing an Order using a Custom Form to include a barcode of Order Number for shipping department.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 14.62 without any changes to the Custom Form.

  Currencies Fixes

Big Business 14.62 fixes the Currencies tool in the Company card which gives an error.

The pictured error, executing the method [System].SmartList278 at line number 70, can occur when clicking to edit the list of Currencies.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 14.62 and may start more updates in Currencies.

  Number Formats Fixes

Number Formats icon is fixed in Big Business 14.62.

  Sonoma Update

Big Business 14.61 updates its built-in Database to be compatible with macOS Sonoma, which will be available September 26, 2023. Please update Big Business Clients, too.

  Wix Tool

Wix Tool appeared as a tool on the Connect toolbar with no icon. Wix did not present a Public API and while a custom connection would be possible, turnkey is not inviting.

Wix Tool has been removed until needed.

  Let's Build

Big Business needs people trying new features. Our best innovations are your front line requests, often because we screwed up and you saved us.

To that end, we will be making more options real-time. Now we'll make it easier by delivering options you can try sooner, and work them into your flow.

This will include new Demo Files to try variations.

  Icon Mashup

Icon Mashup occurs when icons that are preloaded in Client for high performance get supplemented by icons from Server using the wrong set. There is no known cure.

Just kidding. The pictured set of outline icons has not been completed in time to ship, but is preinstalled on Windows Clients, causing this mashup, which will be fixed asap.

  Sign In, Dark

Big Business 14.55 fixes the Sign In to be legible in Dark Mode.

  Sonoma Crash

Older versions of Big Business can crash on macOS Sonoma. Pictured is Big Business 12 which crashes on Ventura and Sonoma and should not be used in the new systems.

Crashes put your data at risk. This solution is here to be found in a search and tell you to revert. Do not ignore these crashes especially if you Big Business Client is crashing.

Starting your Mac while holding Shift-Option-Command-R may offer to reinstall the original operating system for your computer if you accidentally ran Software Upd... (more)

  Sonoma Tabs

MacOS Sonoma updates Tabs which now do not display correctly in Big Business 14. As pictured, the Name of the tab (Customer) appears blank when that Tab is selected.

Big Business 14 will be updated to fix this problem several weeks after macOS Sonoma is released, perhaps, and may entail updating Big Business 14 Server and Clients, too.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 14.61 which requires updating Big Business Clients along with Big Business Server.

  Inactive Imports

Big Business 14 extends Inactive settings to Imports and connections like Shopify.

When you turn on Inactive Prefs for your system it prevents selling of Inactive Items. Now, Imports and sales connections like Shopify Connect, exclude Inactive Items, too.

Please email if you need help configuring.

  Category Selection

Big Business 14.52 fixes the Modifiable Categories window to work with single-click.

In the picture, one click highlights the row and a second click, after a pause, is needed to select the contents to edit. This is fixed so that a single-clicks selects the contents.

  Component Selection

Big Business 14.59 fixes the Bill Of Materials Component window for single-clicking.

In the picture, one click highlights the row and a second click, after a pause, is needed to select the contents to edit. This is fixed so that a single-clicks selects the contents.

  Subform Restore

Subform Restore is updated for Lock State to extend Drill Down features to Item card.

Subform Restore is the feature that selects the line item you were editing in a window. Drill Down opens a new window, so when you return Subform Restore put you back.

  Warehouse Code

Warehouse Code had to be updated for Export of Displayed on Warehouse Quantities.

If you are exporting and choose Displayed columns instead of All columns and find that Warehouse Code or another entry is missing or erroneous this may be the cause.

Please email with details to see if your version is fix/ed/able.

  Begins With Blank

Begins With is the default setting for text search and begins with [blank] runs correctly.

However, it is much more effficient to simply click Find All, since that is what it finds. The difference is unnoticeable on your network but can be annoying over slow remote.

Begins With Blank is a fix that you can Disable on Company card, Advanced Controls. When someone clicks Find for Begins With [blank] it performs a Find All to save time.

  Sales Tax Groups

Sales Tax Groups are updated for Big Business 14 which is strict for hierarchical lists.

By assigning Groups to your Sales Tax entries you can have them displayed in groups. Group them by state, and the Sales Tax menu shows State, with Sales Taxes submenu.

  Server Crash

Big Business Server relies on state-of-the-art security to connect Big Business Clients.

Searching online for BEX64 and APPCRASH turns up Microsoft Troubleshooting for Winsock which is the part of Windows that controls TCP/IP Networking and Services.

Pictured errors occurred on two successive days trying to connect the newest macOS Ventura to an outdated Windows Server instance for which Microsoft ended updates.

  Sales Tax

Sales Tax is being updated in Big Business 14 to keep full featured with easier options.

Pictured, the dialog to Add or Edit a Sales Tax shows too many settings on one screen.