Chapter 154 WooCommerce Advanced

This chapter describes Advanced features and settings for WooCommerce Connect.

One such feature is having Big Business connect to more than one WooCommerce enabled site. For this, WooCommerce Connect settings now include a Listing name to keep them straight.

  WooCommerce Advanced

WooCommerce Advanced includes additional settings for WooCommerce Connect.

To start it features Default Customer--handy for mulitple stores--and Stores--ditto. Get lets you get an Order from your store so you can map any Custom Fields added.

The blank space in the middle is for your requests.

  Woo II

Woo II offers you advanced or customized features to extend WooCommerce Connect.

WooCommerce Connect is an Add-On that allows Big Business to connect to your WordPress and WooCommerce powered online store and get Customers and Orders.
Fully customizable and fully automatic, this turnkey solution does the heavy lifting.

Woo II lets you add more features if you ever need. Connect additional online stores, add Custom Fields in WooCommerce, and enjoy complete customization and control.

  WooCommerce Payment Method

Payment Method in WooCommerce Advanced lets you group Payments created from incoming WooCommerce Orders so they are easy to see, sort, and select as a group in the Deposit tool.

Big Business users who enable WooCommerce Connect have usually been entering manually and already have a Payment Method associated with WooCommerce for this purpose, so it is simply a matter of selecting in the WooCommcerce Settings to have automated entries match.

Note that mapping to Payment Method in your WooCommerce Mapping will overwrite this.

  WooCommerce Salesperson

WooCommerce Salesperson lets you set an Employee to be assigned as Salesperson.

This setting applies to Auto-Connect,the fully automated option for getting new Orders from WooCommerce, and overrides the Salesperson assigned to the Customer.

If, for example, you have web stores for B2B Wholesale and B2C Retail, you might want B2B to assign a Customer's Salesperson and B2C to always assign "Web Store".

  WooCommerce Entered By

WooCommerce Entered By lets you preset an Employee to be assigned as Entered By.

This setting applies to Auto-Connect, which is the fully automated option for getting Customers and Orders from WooCommerce, which can Send Notification To someone.

Setting Entered By to the same someone, would indicate who on your team might help. This option is very helpful with multiple web stores administered by multiple people.

  WooCommerce Auto-Connect

WooCommerce Auto-Connect allows Big Business to connect automatically. This is convenient if you want get any new Customers and Orders as soon as they are entered.

There are additional settings to help manage including Send Notifications To, which sends a Note if there are messages or errors and presets for Salesperson or Entered By.

With Registration, you will receive Setup details and live Help to cover all your needs. Then, just click Auto-Connect to turn on automation, or un-click to stop, as you want.

  WooCommerce Default Customer

Default Customer is a setting in WooCommerce Advanced. If you don't import a Customer or the system doesn't find a match, the Default Customer is assigned to imported Orders.

You might create a Customer you call WooCommerce Orders for this purpose.

Within an Order you can import all contact information, so it is possible to use one Customer card for all WooCommerce orders. Or, use it to catch errors where a customer is not found and manually correct any Orders set to the Default Customer.

  WooCommerce Billing

Billing Name and Address are available for import in WooCommerce Connect. This may be helpful when using a Default Customer to put the Billing details in the Order.

Fields include Billing Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone 1, Phone 2, Email, Attention, and Address 3, which mirror shipping fields except for IDs.

If a Billing Name is imported, the Bill To copied from the Customer card is replaced.

  WooCommerce Store

WooCommere Connect can automatically assign a Store to new Orders being imported.

Stores is an option for Big Business to help manage sales by store--including your different locations, brands, or e-commerce sites. Stores replace Channels, adding features and ease of use like presets for automatic accounting, cash drawers, and more.

This Solution tells you how to set Store for WooCommerce into Big Business. (7920)

For WooCommerce Store Settings:

1. Go to the System toolbar, to the Company card, to the Connect Settings tab.
2. Click the WooCommerce button and select a WooCommerce Listing to open.
3. Click the Advanced button to switch to Advanced Settings.
4. Set Store to the entry you want assigned to new Orders.
5. Click OK to Save settings and then click OK to Save the Company Card.