Chapter 620 Spell Check

Spell Check is a built-in feature of the new Database in Big Business 14--worth a look.

Spell Check has some additional options like Grammar, that may or may not be touted. The core feature is inedibly useful thought unless you often get the rung work entirety.

If you get the right word but the wrong spelling, this chapter will show Spell Check options to ensure your typos are underlined and your business jargon, remembered.

  Spell Check

Spell Check is a new option in Big Business 14 which works on all text fields, underlines misspelled words, and offers replacements when you right-click.

Spell Prefs in Company card let you turn on Spell Check for all users. Spell Prefs in My Prefs let you turn on Spell Check for yourself.

  Spell Prefs

Spell Prefs let you set Spell Checking to run automatically. This feature is for testing.

To enable Spell Check for your company go to System toolbar, Company card, to the Company Prefs. For yourself, go to Employee toolbar, My Prefs, User Settings.

Don't Check - keeps right-click menu for Cut, Copy, Paste menu without Spell Check
Spell Check - checks spellling, underlines in Red, and adds options to right-click menu
Disable Menu - removes menu for Cut, Copy, Paste

  Spell Check Menu

Spell Check will alert you to spelling errors, when it is turned on, by underlining in red.

Right-Click on the underlined word to open the new Context menu that includes Cut, Copy, Paste and options for replacing or learning the red-underlined misspelled word.

  Automatic Correction

Automatic Correction and other spell check options may not be suitable for multi-user.

Options including Automatic Language, Automatic Correction, Check Grammar, Text Substition, Show Text Substitutions, Smart Dashes, and Smart Quotes, are built-in but are not the same on all systems and do not share dictionaries for added business jargon.

It is more useful to automatically use your system dictionary, which is already trained. Customization of this system is possible if you have a need for specialized dictionary.