Show Inactive Accounts

Show Inactive Accounts is a checkbox on the Access tab of the Employee card

  Employees Inactive Acess

In Employees Search you Add(+) columns to see settings for Inactive access settings, such as Show Inactive Accounts or Unlock Status Inactive.

Using the Update tool you can select one or more Employees in tht list and change their settings for Inactive access settings or other Special Access options.

  Picture Prefs

Picture Prefs are new in Big Business 14 to show a Thumbnail Image on the Item card.

Shown is the Compact view of an Item card with the new Thumb Image in the center, and Detail Description moved right. Butter is an ingredient for cookies and its picture helps with purchasing and production steps outlined in example to build Real Cookies.

Picture Prefs are added in My Prefs for testing and will be added to Company Prefs and Employees Search options to Add(+) or Update when complete.

  Compact Windows

Compact Windows are a key feature of Big Business and when Auto Zoom functions were added, original-size windows were called Classic. They are now called Compact.

Compact windows are designed to be intuitive and fast and to work well in tight space. If you are working on a single screen, using multiple apps, you will appreciate the size.

Within a window, only preset options appear, the contents never shift, data entry is fast and consistent, and keyboard shortcuts work 100% of the time to speed through.

  Chapter 32 Pictures

Big Business 14 touts Image Handling as a redefined feature. Its new Database makes numerous changes that help with:
storing files - including large image files
creating thumbnails - to show images fast
emailing attachments - to send images and files with Quotes, Invoices, PO's

This chapter will list changes that are added for saving, showing, and sending pictures.

  Thumb Image

Thumbnail images are reduced-size versions of pictures or files used for fast display.

Big Business 14 adds the option to display a Thumb Image on the Item card to help you identify the item. The Thumb Image will be automatically created to load quickly.

Pictures added with the Upload tool for ecommerce and documents added in the Docs tool will be eligible for use as Thumb Images with options to view or email the original.