Picture Prefs

Picture Prefs are new in Big Business 14 to show a Thumbnail Image on the Item card.

Shown is the Compact view of an Item card with the new Thumb Image in the center, and Detail Description moved right. Butter is an ingredient for cookies and its picture helps with purchasing and production steps outlined in example to build Real Cookies.

Picture Prefs are added in My Prefs for testing and will be added to Company Prefs and Employees Search options to Add(+) or Update when complete.

  Chapter 32 Pictures

Big Business 14 touts Image Handling as a redefined feature. Its new Database makes numerous changes that help with:
storing files - including large image files
creating thumbnails - to show images fast
emailing attachments - to send images and files with Quotes, Invoices, PO's

This chapter will list changes that are added for saving, showing, and sending pictures.

  Widgets Prefs

Widgets Prefs are new in Big Business 14 to show new widgets, such as for credit card.

Credit Card Widget appears on Customer, Order, Invoice, and Payment, showing the Type and Last Four digits of the card selected and offering a dropdown menu with your options to Edit, Authorize, or Capture.