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Channel is a new setting for Customers and Contacts to assign them to different:
• Distribution Channels
• Marketing Channels
• Retail Channels
• Sales Channels

This helps automate printing and emailing to assign your correct contact information.

This Solution will provide details. (6727)
Channel Tool

Channel Tool

The Channel tool lets you set your contact information for a channel.

For example, for "wholesale" (pictured) you might want:
- Logo or branding for your "wholesale" division
- Links to your B2B "wholesale" web store
- Contact info for your "wholesale" team

Then create a "retail" Channel as well and set Customers or Contact to their Channel. Quotes, Orders, and Invoices will automatically us

Channel Changes

Channel features are being improved to automate workflow.

This Solution lists your choices for using Channels. (6818)

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