Chapter 228 BizApp Orders

BizApp Orders will add a new dimension to connected iPad or iPhone solutions by offering new tools such as Barcode Scanning and the ability to work with Orders.

Previous BizApp offerings support Mapping for delivery, Signature for pickup, and Invoice editing anywhere using Products, Email, PDF, and live update of Big Business.

This chapter will document changes for working with Orders and newest iPad features.

  Lock State

Lock State is automatically set for many actions to protect sensitive data.

With new settings some Tools are needlessly locked and have been corrected. These include:
• Web Server Settings
• Barcode Settings
• Map Import
• Quick Searches
• Startup Dialogs
• Reports
• Q & A

  Big Business API: Contact Info

Big Business API is an Application Programming Interface that lets you read and write, update and insert, and add or delete data from Big Business using an available connection such as Middleware (MySQL), ODBC, SQL, or Web (HTTP or HTTPS).

Contact Info is a structure for sending information about Contacts and Customers.

This Solution provides details for Contact Info. (7560)

  Put Customer

Put Customer lets you send changes you make in BizApp Orders, or another custom solution using FileMaker Go on iPhone or iPad, back to Big Business.

From a trade show put in new customers as you meet them and take their orders. For existing customers update their contact infomation just as soon as you find out.

From anywhere in your warehouse add comments, custom dates, and other infomation you have designed into your workflow.

  iPad Pricing

BizApp Orders, or another custom solution using Filemaker Go on iPhone or iPad, can automatically use Price Levels copied from Big Business or select Price Levels

  iPad Pairing

iPad Pairing is the process of linking your iPad to your Employee card in Big Business.

This makes is possible to designate records in Big Business--Customer, Items, Invoices, to be sent to your iPad the next time you connect.

  Trade Show

Trade Show is an iPad App that lets you create Orders and save them to Big Business.

By preloading Customers and Items, you can save time and work

  Price Labels Custom

The option for Price Labels Custom has been added to Print Options for:
• Bill
• Bill Search
• Item
• Item Search

This Solution provides details. (7575)

  Other Addresses Dialog

Click the Other button in Ship To on Order to show a dialog for choosing an address.

Pictured is the basic dialog that displays without any options enabled.

  Other Contacts Dialog

Click the Other button in Ship To on Order to show a dialog for choosing an address.

Pictured is the Contacts dialog used with the option to Load Addresses. This option is set in Customer Prefs and enables the Shipping tab

  Chapter 606 Wix

Wix did not present a Public API and while a custom connection would be possible, turnkey is not practical. Wix Tool and Wix Settings have been removed from Big Business.

  Chapter 607 Other Contacts

Other Contacts lets you access Contacts from Orders by clicking Other in Ship To.

Depending on settings you can:
• Choose an Address to fill into Ship To
• Choose a Contact to use for Shipping Name & Address
• Add or Edit a Contact from within the Order
• Show a Live List of Contacts with Filter to search among hundreds
• Add or Edit from Live List using Contact card to access all information

  Full Docs

Full Docs just means we write down each change as it happens. This causes headaches for design but means we can deliver customization faster with standard documentation.

In the conversion to Big Business 14 there are many, many changes, fully documented. This proves worthwhile with issues like dark mode, which is automatic, to keep track.

  Full Nine

Full Nine is our design objective that a new version include all the features you rely on.

For example, there are four Toolbar options in Big Business 13 and only two working in Big Business 14.21. With so much to convert this seemed the expedient solution.

Early adopters need to adapt, temporarily, but in due course we will convert the rest. Please let us know what oddities you encounter, particularly with colors and formats.