Chapter 74 Barcodes

Big Business has options for using Barcodes, including:
• Alternate Item Codes for matching preprinted Barcodes like UPC's
• printing Barcodes on built-in forms
• printing Barcodes on Custom Forms


  Barcode Settings

Barcode Settings help automate adding scanned items to a transaction, such as a Sales Order or Invoice. You can program the barcode scanner to send a preamble, and Big Business will add a Line Item. There are also setting to print barcodes on select transactions.

This Solution provides a description of the Barcode Settings.
(5868, bar code)

  Barcodes for Orders and Invoices

Big Business has Barcode Settings for printing barcodes on:
• Sales Order
• Invoice
• Purchase Order

Big Business will print a barcode of the transaction number, which can be scanned by UPS, FedEx, or another system, to ensure accuracy.

This Solution describes these settings. (6277)

  Custom Form Company Logo and Barcode

Big Business Custom Forms can use Variables to display your Company Name or Logo and Barcodes when printing.

This Solution describes using this feature. (6282)

  Barcode Labels

Big Business 11 adds the option for Barcodes to be included on Price Labels. This is a checkbox in Barcode Settings on the System toolbar that replaces regular price label fields with a barcode of the Item Code.

This Soution provides details. (6897)

  Barcodes for Sales Order Line Items

Big Business 10.14 tests Barcodes for Sales Order Line Items.

This Solution provides a quick overview. (6663)

  Price Labels Custom

The option for Price Labels Custom has been added to Print Options for:
• Bill
• Bill Search
• Item
• Item Search

This Solution provides details. (7575)

  Barcodes Fixes

Big Business 14.62 updates Barcode printing with plugin update using generic settings.

The pictured error, Zint_Encode at line number 9, occurs on a Mac printing an Order using a Custom Form to include a barcode of Order Number for shipping department.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 14.62 without any changes to the Custom Form.