Lock State

Lock State is automatically set for many actions to protect sensitive data.

With new settings some Tools are needlessly locked and have been corrected. These include:
• Web Server Settings
• Barcode Settings
• Map Import
• Quick Searches
• Startup Dialogs
• Reports
• Q & A

  Qty Pricing Group

Qty Pricing lets you set pricing based on quantity, such as lower price for buying 100. Turn on this feature in Item Prefs by clicking Use Qty Pricing to add a Qty Pricing tab.

Qty Group lets you group items to use their combined quantity to choose Qty Pricing. An invoice for grouped items with Qty 70 and 30 would use 100 Qty Pricing for both.

Once you enable Qty Pricing, choose Show List in the Qty Group dropdown to create. Then use Update on the Items Search to set multiple Items to use the new Qty Group.

  Windows Service Stops

Big Business Server can be set to run as a Service in Windows Server to automate start.

Test the new Service by click Start in Services to see if the Service immediately stops. If so it may have Permissions issue which you can resolve by setting the Service to use the same Account that allows you to run it as an application and stores your settings.

  Live Locking

Live Locking helps protect your data and prevent errors by Locking records on the fly.

If you open an existing record and it is being used by another process it will be Locked.

If you click on the Lock icon, Big Business will try to tell why the record is Locked.

  Default Price

Big Business uses Price Level 1 as the default price. If you are invoicing a customer who uses Price Level 2 and an item being sold does not have a Level 2 Price, then the Level 1 Price for the item is automatically used.

Price Level Labels can be set in Item Prefs, so you might have Standard and Special set. Using these Labels, if Special price is blank, Standard price is used as the Default Price.

  Chapter 96 Locking

Big Business protects the data you enter from accidental change by Locking as needed.

This chapter includes basic entries about Locking so you can make informed decisions.

Ultimately, you want reliability of data and to minimize the inconvience of corrections.

  Chapter 612 Qty Pricing

Qty Pricing is a feature you turn on to add quantity price breaks on sales transactions. An Order for 20 units of an item might be regular price while 100 gets a special price.

Qty Pricing is a complete feature set you turn on to enable:
• Qty Pricng tab on the Item card for entering Qty's and their Prices
• Import and Export options for bulk updates to Qty Pricing
• Qty Group for counting across grouped items to determine pricing