Protected Period

Protected Periods protect existing, dated transactions, not allowing them to be changed.
Protected Periods still allow the addition of new transactions with a date in the period.

Your bookkeeper or system administrator might choose to Protect last month so there are no accidental changes to exiting tansactions, but that new entries can still be added.

This might be necessary if there are Vendor Bills that have not been entered and should be dated correctly for accrual and aging purposes. Please check before making changes.

  Live Locking

Live Locking helps protect your data and prevent errors by Locking records on the fly.

If you open an existing record and it is being used by another process it will be Locked.

If you click on the Lock icon, Big Business will try to tell why the record is Locked.

  Chapter 96 Locking

Big Business protects the data you enter from accidental change by Locking as needed.

This chapter includes basic entries about Locking so you can make informed decisions.

Ultimately, you want reliability of data and to minimize the inconvience of corrections.