Add Prices

Add Prices is a customization to increase Price Levels and Margins from five to fifteen.

To start it works by adding Prices and Margins to Items for Price Levels 6 through 15. These can be named in Item Prefs, edited in a new Price Levels tab in the Item card, and used for Customers, Quotes, Orders, Invoices.

To maintain new Prices, they are included on Searches, Exports, Update, and Imports.

  Chapter 611 Price Levels

Big Business lets you have five prices for each item and assign these Price Levels to customers to easily manage retail, wholesale, etc. pricing.

  Default Price

Big Business uses Price Level 1 as the default price. If you are invoicing a customer who uses Price Level 2 and an item being sold does not have a Level 2 Price, then the Level 1 Price for the item is automatically used.

Price Level Labels can be set in Item Prefs, so you might have Standard and Special set. Using these Labels, if Special price is blank, Standard price is used as the Default Price.

  Add Prices Error

Add Prices updates Export for Quotes, Orders, and Invoices, which could give an error when processing and leave Price Level blank in the export file for the higher-level rows.