Windows Service Error

The pictured error can occur when trying to launch Big Business Server for Windows, from its Shortcut, as an Application, when it is already running as a Windows Service.

To avoid this problem, Stop the Service before attempting to run as an Application. When this problem occurs, the fix is to Restart the computer, then Stop the Service.

  Windows Service Stops

Big Business Server can be set to run as a Service in Windows Server to automate start.

Test the new Service by click Start in Services to see if the Service immediately stops. If so it may have Permissions issue which you can resolve by setting the Service to use the same Account that allows you to run it as an application and stores your settings.

1. Make sure the currently logged in account already has Admin privileges.
2. Go to Task Manager, Services tab, Open Services
3. Right click on the 4D Service, Properties, Log On tab
4. Select "This account" and enter the currently logged on account along with credentials
5. Hit OK
6. The 4D app should now launch properly as a service