Lock Invoices

Lock Invoices lets you exceed your regular system protection settings for just invoices. Enter a Lock Invoices Date and any invoice on or before that date will be locked.

  Payment Code

Payment Code lets you set imported payments to Payment or Prepayment by importing a code of 1 or 2. By default, imported Payments are Payments.

Prepayments is a feature you enable by setting a Prepayment Category in Customer Prefs on the Accounting tab.

  Push Buttons

Big Business 13.36 updates Push Buttons to Apple Optimize. These are found in Company card, Customer History, Customer Prefs, Find dialog, Item card, Item Adjustment, Vendor Prefs, Vendor History, and more.

  Digital Strategy

Big Business delivers your digital strategy by keeping your accounting automated while bringing your web stores, warehouses, and more, into your growing system.

By automating tasks like reordering, or updating inventory, costs, and pricing, Big Business saves you time and money with each step toward realizing your digital aims.

And by adding newer, betterhardware, while keeping your experienced

  Unblock Repricing

Big Business 13.36 adds a setting to Unblock Repricing. This lets you override new behavior that blocks repricing automatically.

The problem is with Qty Pricing or As Quoted Pricing you can give a customer a bulk price ($5/ea for 100) and have it automatically replace the default price ($6.95/ea). So, they order 100. If you invoice 50, though, Big Business could revert the price.

Now it does

  Table Error

Table Error is a regression bug caused by changes for Lock Invoices. Lock Invoices is a new feature to lock only invoices, on or before a specified date. Other Lock options affect other dated accounting entries, such as Bills.

Using Auto-Pay or the Receipts tab on an invoice, you may encounter an error saying, Error when executing the method MgrProtectedBtns at line number 59. A table was expe

  MRP Add-On

MRP is an Add-On for displaying Orders and PO's to help plan, purchase, and fulfill.

  Log Events

Log Events helps find system issues by logging select service events to the system log.

  Log Processes

Log Processes helps debug Connect services that are running on Big Business Server.