Allocated Builds

Allocated Builds shows items on orders and their needed components.

• On Hand is current for the selected item and warehouse. We have 5 BikeSpoke.
• Allocates

  Chapter 314 MRP

MRP is shorthand for materials requirements planning. Big Business offers simple planning functions so you can see how your orders may need you to build more kits, and your kits may need you to buy components or wait for components on order.

Show Allocated brings up a list of orders, including kits, that need the item you are looking at. In our example, Bike and Bike2 both need BikeWheels, whic

  MRP Add-On

MRP is an Add-On for displaying Orders and PO's to help plan, purchase, and fulfill.

From the Show menu on an Item choose Allocated and you will see Orders and PO's that are allocated.

  Interactive Allocate

Interactive Allocate gives you a snapshot of your fulfillment schedule based on criteria you choose such as when to buy, build, expedite, or transfer from another warehouse.
(7403, MRP)

  Show Allocated

Allocated shows you the items on orders that allocate the item you are viewing.

Allocated for BikeSpoke shows one order for Bike which Allocates 24 BikeSpoke.

This Solution will provide details. (7406)

  Ship Date

Ship Date is on the Expanded tab of an Order and lets you set a date for shipping. Ship Date is available on Order Search, Export, and Forms.

Ship Date is used for Show Allocated which calculates usage of components for Built items on Orders.

Ship Date is now included on Quote, Quotes Search, Export, and Forms.