Connect is an option for BigBusiness ERP to connect to your Shopify API and get Customers and Orders ASAP.



Shopify is beautifully easy-to-use ecommerce.

But you knew that.

What you might not know is that the Shopify API lets another program—like BigBusiness ERP— connect to automate your data entry.

Shopify Data Entry

With easy setup and automatic settings you can have BigBusiness entering your Customers and Orders in real time, in no time.

Or in Batches, or with Custom Fields, if you like.

With more setup you do more automatically for Payments, Discounts, or special handling.



Shopify Archive

BigBusiness can automatically set your Orders in Shopify to Archive.

BigBusiness can keep a copy for Accounting, permanently.

You can choose how to automate your fulfillment process to make it easy.