Entering a Miscellaneous Sale

Entering a Miscellaneous Sale (6464)

It may not be necessary to record line item details about every sale you make. For example, you might sometimes make small cash sales of items that you don?t track in inventory. In this situation, you can use the Miscellaneous Sales window to record the transaction.

When you enter a miscellaneous sale, it is recorded just as if you had entered it as an invoice. For example, if you later open the transaction in the History list of a Customer Card, a complete invoice record appears.

The Memorize feature for Miscellaneous Sales windows records the entire window contents. So if you have a recurring group of sales, you can memorize the list, then recall it at any time. When you recall, you can make whatever changes are necessary to the individual transactions. See "Memorizing and Recalling Transactions" in Chapter 2.

To enter a miscellaneous sale:
1. Click the Miscellaneous Sales tool in the Customer toolbar.
2. Enter the date, customer, and amount information for the first transaction.
3. Click the button to add a new line for each transaction.


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