Import Sales Orders with Line Items

The ability to import Sales Orders with Line Items, which can be converted to Invoices at the click of a button in Big Business, would enable several useful facilities.

You could potentially generate transactions in a Single-User copy of Big Business on your portable (laptop) and then upload the Sales Orders to your working copy of Big Business when you returned to the office.

You might also

  Customer Code on Customer Transactions

“Please make it so that account numbers are printed on the invoices,
orders, statements, etc. Customers would greatly appreciate it.” (3045)

  Customer Alerts

Big Business includes Alerts for Customers (and Vendors) that display when the Customer is selected.

This Solution describes this feature(5832)

  From on Sales Order and Invoice

From Quote on the Sales Order and From Order on the Invoice have a pulldown menu that lets you:
• toggle to a custom field
• link to a web page

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  Sales Taxes

Big Business 8.7 simplifies Sales Taxes, making it easy to calculate and track taxes where different rates apply to different items, such as food and non-food, or different rates apply for different amounts.

This Solution describes the settings for Sales Taxes. (6299)

  Import Failed

Big Business will cancel an Import if it fails to meet needed criteria, such as:
• finding a Customer or Default Customer to assign to a Quote, Order, or Invoice
• finding an Item or Default Item to assign on a Line Item transaction

This Solution provides suggestion for avoiding fatal errors when importing. (6300)

  Import Changed

Big Business provides an Alert if a Memorized Import is different than the current list of Fields availalable on the Import.


  Customer Update

Larrry was the first to notice a slowdown saving a Receive Money entry when paying 500 Invoices at time. Jim took greater notice because he might have 1000 Invoices for Amazon on one Receipt and he is working remotely (running Big Business Client and connecting to Big Business Server hosted in another state).

Larry and Jim are stars for bringing the initiative and insight needed to optimize the

  Warehouse on Line Item Imports

Big Business 8.7 adds Warehouse Code to the Invoice Line Item Import.
Big Business 9.5 adds Warehouse Code to the Item Adjustment Import.

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  Alert Info

Big Business 8.7 adds Alert Info to include a link to additional information on Alerts.
Big Business 9.9 updates Alerts to display longer messages such as those returned by Cloud Services.

  Check Customer PO

Big Business includes the option to Check Customer PO for Sales Orders. This setting alerts you when a the selected Customer has used the same Customer PO# before.

Big Business 9.8 extends this feature to Imports, including Cloud Services and Web API.

  Hierarchical Listing for Customers

Big Business 9 tests the option to use a Hierarchical Listing for Customers.

This Solution provides details for use. (6358)

  Check Order #

Big Business 9.9 adds Check Order # in the Sales Order Prefs. This feature applies to the Sales Order tool, when using the using the Edit Order # option. It also applies to Imports, including Cloud Services and Web API.

  Copy Comments

Big Business 9.9 adds Copy Comments in the Customer Card Prefs. This feature copies Comment from the Customer Card to the Private Comments on new Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices. (6556)

  Listing Scrolling

Big Business 9 updates Listing Scrolling to aim for the middle. Before, when a Listing like Customers or Items appeared the selected entry might be at the very top or bottom so you couldn't see other choices immediately. Now it should put the selected entry in the middle so you can see entries above and below without scrolling.

Big Business 9.9 fixes Listings which could scroll unpredictably wi

  Tax Status

Tax Status has been added to the Contact card to automate Sales Tax changes when switching Addresses.

This Solution describes the settings for Sales Taxes. (6725)

  Notify Reference

Notify Reference enables automatic notifications.

For an online order, you might put the web order number into Customer PO# so you know how the order was placed. If you want the customer automatically notified, put the same web order number into Notify Ref#, so they will know what order shipped.

Notify Ref# is required so the customer receiving notifications can identify the source. If they re

  Customer Comment

Customer Comment appears on the Customer Card now in the lower right so it grows.

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  Comment on Contact, Employee, Vendor

Comment has been added to the Contact Card, Employee Card, and Vendor Card.

This Solution describes its features. (6483)

  Customer Toolbar

Customers (6409)

  Customer Features

Changes to Customer Features
Big Business includes a number of Customer features and enhancements:
• You can choose from multiple customer shipping and billing addresses on quotes, sales order, and invoices.
• Long comments can be included with quotes, sales orders, and invoices.
• The Other Charges field includes calculations.
• You can adjust the price level for individual quotes, sales orders,

  Working with Customer Information

Working with Customer Information (6410)

  Opening Customer Cards

Opening Customer Cards (6411)