Chapter 52 Currencies

This feature is part of the Multi-Currency Add-On, which is an additional module for Big Business that supports transactions in foreign currencies.

This Solution provides an introduction to the Multi-Currency Add On. (5931)

  Number Formats Fixes

Number Formats icon is fixed in Big Business 14.62.

  Currencies Fixes

Big Business 14.62 fixes the Currencies tool in the Company card which gives an error.

The pictured error, executing the method [System].SmartList278 at line number 70, can occur when clicking to edit the list of Currencies.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 14.62 and may start more updates in Currencies.

  Barcodes Fixes

Big Business 14.62 updates Barcode printing with plugin update using generic settings.

The pictured error, Zint_Encode at line number 9, occurs on a Mac printing an Order using a Custom Form to include a barcode of Order Number for shipping department.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 14.62 without any changes to the Custom Form.

  Barcode Update

Big Business 14 updates Barcode features for printing barcodes on printouts or labels.

Orders can print a barcode to save your shipping department time and help accuracy. Price Labels can print a barcode for scanning at checkout to reduce waiting and errors.

Barcode Settings on the System toolbar lets you choose the barcodes you want added. Big Business 14 updates the plugin that creates them and uses generic settings for now.