Start a New Data File

Getting started with Big Business is easy. Installation takes just a few minutes. You use simple dialog boxes to set up the program with your company data. If you choose, Big Business can automatically set up almost everything. You can also import data from other programs.

  Demo Sign-In

Try Big Business 14 by downloading and installing Single-User. On startup, it will open the default Demo File, Jillian Jellybean Company, and present the Sign In screen.

Sign In to the Demo File by choosing any name, like Administrator and leaving Password blank. To switch Data Files, quit, start again, and quickly hold Option/Alt.

  Thumb Image Drop

Thumb Image is an optional field, starting on the Item card, which is a reduced-sized.

When you Drop an picture file into Thumb Image, Big Business automatically stores the original full-quality picture and makes the thumbnail image to display on the Item.

To test the Thumb Image, go to MyPrefs, User Settings, Picture Prefs and set Always.

  Thumb Image Double-Click

Double-Click is a shortcut to drill down to original data, in this case the attached image.

Thumb Image is an optional field, starting on Item card, where you can Drop a picture. Big Business will automatically attach the original picture in Documents folder (Docs). Thumb Image will create a reduced-size version of the picture to display on Item card.

Double-click to open the picture. The picture also appears in Docs folder where you can Open, Edit, or click Send to make it available to email with Quot... (more)

  Icon Mashup

Icon Mashup occurs when icons that are preloaded in Client for high performance get supplemented by icons from Server using the wrong set. There is no known cure.

Just kidding. The pictured set of outline icons has not been completed in time to ship, but is preinstalled on Windows Clients, causing this mashup, which will be fixed asap.

  Let's Build

Big Business needs people trying new features. Our best innovations are your front line requests, often because we screwed up and you saved us.

To that end, we will be making more options real-time. Now we'll make it easier by delivering options you can try sooner, and work them into your flow.

This will include new Demo Files to try variations.