Customer Since Entry

"Add a creation date for customers so we can tell how long they've been customers and search by this "Customer Since" date."

Big Business 14 updates Customer Since to reset when you Duplicate a Customer.

  Shopify Properties

Big Business 14 extends the list of Properties available for mapping Shopify Orders.

As noted elsewhere, the Summer '23 Edition of Shopify adds PONumber to Orders, so this new property and a many others are now in the list, Fields Available for Insertion.

This Solution provides a checklist of included Properties, which might help you spot the one you need. Or, email to to see if we already know.

  Modified Date

Modified Date shows you when a modified record was last changed and by whom.

This information is for reference and is by no means 100% accurate. For example, a Customer can be changed by invoicing (changes their Balance), or by Import (a batch change to Credit Limits), or by Update (the magic wand to reassign Terms, perhaps).

Modified Date shows the last time someone edited the record directly, such as by entering a new address on a Customer--what engineering likes to call a "sanity check". It is incred... (more)

  Chapter 48 Automatic Dates

Automatic Dates are assigned or updated automatically when your Big Business data changes.

This Chapter will list some of these system dates describing when they change, how they are calculated, and how they can be viewed or used to your advantage in planning.