Chapter 48 Automatic Dates

Automatic Dates are assigned or updated automatically when your Big Business data changes.

This Chapter will list some of these system dates describing when they change, how they are calculated, and how they can be viewed or used to your advantage in planning.

  Customer Since Entry

"Add a creation date for customers so we can tell how long they've been customers and search by this "Customer Since" date."

Big Business 14 updates Customer Since to reset when you Duplicate a Customer.

Customer Since is a date on a Customer Card for recording the date the customer became a customer. When you create a new Customer Card, Customer Since is automatically set to today's date. There are several options for setting this date on existing customers.

The QuickChange option in the Customer QuickSearch contains two options for assigning a Customer Since date:
• Customer Since Date - lets you specify a date (e.g. 01/01/23)
• Customer Since Calc. - lets you select a calculation (e.g. First Invoice)

Customer Since has been added to export of customer information from the Customer QuickSearch using Save To Disk.

Customer Since has been added to the imports:
• Customers - you can import a date, or if blank, today's date is automatically assigned.
• Update Customers - you can import changes to Customers with unique Customer Codes