Audit Feature

Big Business includes an Audit Feature to record creation and modification of records. This feature tracks who created or modified a record, showing Date and User Name.

This feature works for most single, user-entered records, so it works for Items and Quotes, but not Imports, or system changes such as an invoice changing Item stock.

  Audit Reference

Big Business 8.7 updates Audit features that audit or log the creation and modification of records. Audit Refence adds Ref # to include entries such as Invoice Number or Sales Order Number when searching or showing created, modified, or deleted entries.

This Solution describes new features. (6304)

  Audit Stamp

Audit Stamp automatically assigns a Created Date or Modified Date along with the name of the User, when an entry is created or edited in the tool for an individual entry.

Audit Stamp does not record changes mades in batches or as part of workflow.

  Chapter 608 Audit Feature

This Chapter describes using the Audit Feature, which saves the date a record was created or modified in regu