Add Prices

Add Prices is a customization to increase Price Levels and Margins from five to fifteen.

To start it works by adding Prices and Margins to Items for Price Levels 6 through 15. These can be named in Item Prefs, edited in a new Price Levels tab in the Item card, and used for Customers, Quotes, Orders, Invoices.

To maintain new Prices, they are included on Searches, Exports, Update, and Imports.


Color is an important aspect of Big Business which has colors for Tools and Toolbars.

Color is also import for data entry to make it easier to see which Fields are Enterable.

  SDI Client

SDI Client uses Single Document Interface. The Toolbar and each Tool open their own window and you can see your Desktop or other programs in the background.

This is a radical departure from the regular Big Business Client that has an application window, a gray background window, that encapsulates all Toolbar and Tool windows.