Field Style

Field Style was added in My Prefs in Big Business 13 for customized outline of Fields.
Big Business 14 does not support this option because it conflicts with automatic color. This feature is disabled in Big Business 13.73 and Big Business 14.30 to solve coloring.

Options were:
• No Border - this setting removes the box
• System Border - on Windows this setting highlights the box on entry
• Classic Border - on Windows this setting creates a sunken effect

In Big Business 14 this setting has no effect.

  Color Controls

This Chapter will provide information about changes to objects in Big Business as they are updated to work with system color settings such as Dark Mode and changes to settings within Big Business such as Dark Prefs as they are updated to cooperate.


Color is an important aspect of Big Business which has colors for Tools and Toolbars.

Color is also import for data entry to make it easier to see which Fields are Enterable.