Default Price

Big Business uses Price Level 1 as the default price. If you are invoicing a customer who uses Price Level 2 and an item being sold does not have a Level 2 Price, then the Level 1 Price for the item is automatically used.

Price Level Labels can be set in Item Prefs, so you might have Standard and Special set. Using these Labels, if Special price is blank, Standard price is used as the Default

  Live Locking

Live Locking helps protect your data and prevent errors by Locking records on the fly.

If you open an existing record and it is being used by another process it will be Locked.

If you click on the Lock icon, Big Business will try to tell why the record is Locked.

  Qty Pricing Group

Qty Pricing lets you set pricing based on quantity, such as lower price for buying 100. Turn on this feature in Item Prefs by clicking Use Qty Pricing to add a Qty Pricing tab.

Qty Group lets you group items to use their combined quantity to choose Qty Pricing. An invoice for grouped items with Qty 70 and 30 would use 100 Qty Pricing for both.

Once you enable Qty Pricing, choose Show List in t

  Save Server

Save Server updates Client for Mac to save the address of your Big Business Server. This supersedes the default behavior of using discovery and then a preference file. This feature copies the preference file into Big Business Client for super fast startup.

  SDI Client

SDI Client uses Single Document Interface. The Toolbar and each Tool open their own window and you can see your Desktop or other programs in the background.

This is a radical departure from the regular Big Business Client that has an application window, a gray background window, that encapsulates all Toolbar and Tool windows.

  SDI Toolbar

SDI Client for Windows uses Single Document Interface. The Toolbar and each Tool open its own window. This changes the presentation and behaviour of the Toolbar.

  PDF Emailer

PDF Emailer lets Big Business Client for Windows send PDFs using Microsoft Outlook.

To use, download and install PDF Emailer, then in My Prefs choose Advanced for Print Options and Microsoft Outlook for Email Client. When you are saving a Quote, Order, or Invoice in Destination you can choose Email, Send Email To, Save As PDF.


Color is an important aspect of Big Business which has colors for Tools and Toolbars.

Color is also import for data entry to make it easier to see which Fields are Enterable.

  Protected Period

Protected Periods protect existing, dated transactions, not allowing them to be changed.
Protected Periods still allow the addition of new transactions with a date in the period.

Your bookkeeper or system administrator might choose to Protect last month so there are no accidental changes to exiting tansactions, but that new entries can still be added.

This might be necessary if there are Vendor

  Show Lines

Show Lines automatically enables access to the List tool when using a Show pulldown.
For example, on the Customer card the Show pulldown includes Last Purchases. This shows the lines from invoices for their last purchase of each item they ever purchased.

For comparison, All Purchases shows every line item, every time they ever purchased.
Items Purchased shows Items they ever purchased and requi

  New Reports

New Reports are added alongside existing reports to give you more choice and options.

  Auto Help

Auto Help reminds you of uses or settings that may affect your operating procedures. If you use new Account Types you want to use new financial reports that show them. Auto Help can check your data and let you know if a selected report might not work. This makes the system more flexible without needing to switch settings or keep SOPs, although you should always have standard operating procedure

  Balance Sheet, New

Balance Sheet, New aims to provide a more dynamic financial report to make it easier to add new Account Types or suppress unused or Inactive accounts as you prefer.

  Balance Sheet, Omit Zeroes, New

Balance Sheet, New aims to provide a more dynamic financial report to make it easier to add new Account Types or suppress unused or Inactive accounts as you prefer.

  Paged Forms

Paged Form are updated in Big Business 13.67 and Big Business 14.24 so they do not cause the displayed problem pictured, which is moving objects off screen, in this case the message and buttons that are suppose to appear on this dialog.

This Solution lists the updated forms in case there problems with any. (7606)

  Other Assets

Other Asset is an Account Type being added. To start it works with a new report, Balance Sheet, New.

  Q&A Help

Q&A Help is a new column on the Q&A list, making it easier to find help. Just click the number of the help document, like (1234), and it will open the current entry from in your browser.

  Modified Date

Modified Date shows the date a record was modified if it was edited in its normal tool.

  Created Date

Created Date shows the date a record was created if it was entered in its normal tool.

  Audit Stamp

Audit Stamp automatically assigns a Created Date or Modified Date along with the name of the User, when an entry is created or edited in the tool for an individual entry.

Audit Stamp does not record changes mades in batches or as part of workflow.

  USPS Tracking

USPS Tracking is a new menu choice in the Shipment Information window pulldown. Professional Shipper can post your USPS Tracking back to Big Business. This options makes it easy to use the tracking with the postal service's online lookup.

  Release Silicon

October 19, 2022: Big Business 14 is available for Macs. It is identical to Big Business 13 but has a new Database, native for Apple Silicon (M1 & M2 processors).

Big Business 13 remains the current product with reduced pricing from July.

Big Business 14 will have new pricing and support for Windows in 2023.

  Reset Comments

Reset Comments are options when duplicating orders to clear Printed or Private Cmts.

Reset Printed Comments erases printed comments in the new order.
Reset Private Comments erases private comments in the new order.