Order Closed

Big Business 13 adds new Closed options for Orders. In addition to the Closed checkbox on the Order window, there is now a Mark Closed option on Orders Search.

Closed Orders:
• are locked so they cannot be changed
• cancel any Qty Open and update Allocations
• lock Invoices [new]
• can be Unclosed [new]

Cannot Close Orders

Cannot Close Orders is a new setting in Employee Access that lets you Block employees from closing sales orders.

Big Business 13 adds Restricted Access settings to the Employees Search and the Update tool for changing many employees at once. The choices are Block and Allow.

Order Costs

Order Costs lets you set the Cost used for order line items for reference. On invoicing, this is replaced with the Avg Cost of on hand inventory. Seeing another cost like Vendor Cost or Landed Cost may help when entering orders to set the best pricing.

Before changing this setting from the default, Avg Cost, consider any effects for commission or profit reporting, since the invoice will continu

Deposit on Sales Order

Big Business includes Deposit on the Sales Order import mapping. This allows you to import a paid amount from an online store and have it automatically converted into a Payment.

Big Business 12 updates this feature to create Prepayments.

This Soution describes this feature. (6636)