Understanding the Order Status

Understanding the Order Status (6433)

The Status field in the sales order shows the status of your order. There are five
possible status levels:
• On Hold means that the order has not yet been placed. When you first open a sales order, it is on hold and no inventory changes are made to the Item Card. When you save it, Big Business asks if you want to place the order. If you choose not to, the order remains on hold. If the order is placed, its status becomes Placed.
• Placed means that the order has been placed, but no items have been shipped. When the order is placed, the Quantity Allocated field is updated on the Item Card of each item in the sales order.
• Partial means that some items have been shipped, but there are still items open from the order. Items shipped are subtracted from the Quantity On Hand field on the Item Card. (An item is considered shipped when you generate an invoice that includes the original order number.)
• Filled means that all items have been shipped.
• Closed means that you no longer expect to ship any items from this order. Closing the order means that any open items (items that have not been shipped) will be removed from the Quantity Allocated field in the appropriate Item Card. You close an order by clicking the Closed checkbox.

See "Understanding Item Inventories" in Chapter 5 for detailed information about how sales orders affect item inventory.