RMA Returned Merchandise Authorization

From time to time a customer may wish to return an item and you may need to generate an RMA or Return Merchandise Authorization. This solution outlines how to perform this process and to receive the items back into inventory. (5171)

This document describes how to process a RMA for customers who wish to return products back to you.

Schedule Returned Items
To create a RMA for items that will be returned back to you from your customers, open the Sales Order tool in the Customer toolbar. For each of the items, enter the item in the line items section and enter a negative quantity for the quantity returned. Big Business will correctly calculate all of the taxes and totals automatically. If a customer wants to exchange items, you can mix positive and negative quantities together on the same order.

Printing RMAs

You can print out your RMAs on specially designed forms by clicking the print button and selecting one of the RMA Print Options.


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