Entering Customer Information

Entering Customer Information (6431)

The first information you need to enter into a sales order is the customer. The customer you choose determines the addresses that appear in the order as well as several other kinds of information.

You enter the customer information by choosing from the Customer QuickChoose list or by typing the customer listing. Big Business fills in the company name, address, salesperson, ship method, and terms from the Customer Card.

With the exception of the customer terms, you can change the information that is automatically filled in. These changes apply only to this quote; they aren't applied to the Customer Card.

Three fields are optional and need to be filled in by hand:
• The Customer PO Number field can be used to enter an order number supplied by
the customer.
• The Department field lets you keep track of which department of your business
generated the order.
• The From Quote Number field lets you specify a quote from which to load infor-
mation. See "Loading Quote Information," later in this section, for details.