Working with Sales Orders

Working with Sales Orders (6429)

A sales order represents an unshipped order for a customer. Because the customer hasn't been billed, the dollar amounts on sales orders don't affect your finances. However, items entered on a sales order are allocated against the available quantity.

When you are ready to ship the items on order, you can convert the sales order into an invoice to record the shipment, making any changes necessary to reflect partial shipments. See "Carrying Information Forward" in Chapter 2 for information about converting the order.

Every sales order has its own window, which can show three different kinds of information.
• Click the Order tab to enter or view basic information about the customer and items.
• Click the Expanded tab to enter or view expanded information about the customer and items.
• Click the Profitability tab to see how the terms of the sales order affect your bottom line. You can adjust prices and profit levels to ensure that both your needs and the customer's are met.
• Click the Invoices tab to see the status of the order, including which items in this sales order have been invoiced.
• Click the Shipping tab to enter or view shipping information--for addressing and tracking.