Web Notify Error

Web Notify will send a Note with an Error if there are any problems with a posting.

The error will include JSON of the posting and response. Json.org tells us JSON is "easy for humans to read and write." It is also easy to Copy and Paste into an email to support@bigbusiness.com.

This Solution tells you how to decipher. (7119)

Web Notify runs on Server and sends you Notes with any Errors.

You can fill in Success Text, in Web Notify Settings, to suppress responses that include that text. Put in "updated successfully" and you will stop getting responses that contain "updated successfully".

Pictured is a real error showing two postings for Order Tracking failing because the recipient has not set up "TrackingNumber" as a "parameter".

To evaluate, read outside in...
(7119) is the beginning of the error message.
"scooters" is the Web Notify Listing found in settings. You may have many.
The response is in [brackets], which is just how the recipient formatted.
The posting is in {curly braces}, which is just how Big Business formatted.
(/7119) is the end of the first error message.

Within the bracketed response there are curly braces and more brackets. In this example the message is "unexpected parameter" which is geek-speak for it does not know what "TrackingNumber" is.

To fix, in this example, go back to Company card, Prefs tab, Web Notify settings and open the one called "scooter" and edit the Tag Text to remove TrackingNumber until it can be added by Scooters Sweet Shop.


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