Web Notify Settings

Web Notify lets you send notifications to any Endpoint for Webhook, Trackback, or similar.

Web Notify Settings include an Event and Text you want sent when the event occurs.

This Solution details the settings.

Here are the settings for Web Notify:

Web Notify Listing - this is the name that appears in the popup list. Make it a good one.

Endpoint - this is the web address to which notification is automatically sent

Name and Password - if needed put name and password, or token, for the endpoint here.

Customer Name - choose the customer to receive the notification

Notify Event - choose the event for which to send notification

Tag Text - enter the text to be sent including Replacement Tags

Send Notifications To - choose the employee to receive Notes about the notification

Auto-Connect - click the checkbox to turn on notifications

Success Text - enter text-match to skip Notes for success


  Chapter 59 Web Notify

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